Mulatiyana Kak Ella Waterfall - මුලටියන කාක් ඇල්ල

Mulatiyana Kak Ella Waterfall hidden in the Maha Dola Forest Reservation – මහදොල රක්‍ෂිතයේ සැඟවුණු මුලටියන කාක් ඇල්ල

Kak Ella (Kaak Ella) is a small and beautiful waterfall lying in Mulatiyana Divisional Secretariat of Matara District in the village of Gammedagama. This rather unknown waterfall hidden in patch of forested area has become a recent attraction to the local as well as foreign tourists.

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Kanabiso Pokuna

Kanabiso Pokuna and Kanabisawaramaya Rajamaha Viharaya at Handapanagala – හඳපානාගල කණාබිසෝ පොකුණ සහ කණබිසවාරාමයරජමහා විහාරය

Both sides of the Handapanagala Bund consist of rocky plains. On to top of the rocky plain at the end of the bund lies a rock pond called Kanabiso Pokuna. The drip ledge cave near the Kanabiso Pokuna has been listed as a archaeological protected monument by the Department of Archaeology.

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Enchanting Buduruwagala [4]

The seven colossal figures sculptured in bas relief on to the rock face of Buduruwagala in the jungles of Wellavaya – Monaragala district, is a source of controversy and debate. Perhaps it is because Sri Lanka is considered itself the home of Theravada Buddhisit doctrine. And these sculpture show strong influence of the Mahayana school.

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