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Slab Rock Falls in Horton Plains – හෝටන් තැන්න ස්ලැබ් රොක් ඇල්ල

Slab Rock Falls

The Rock Slab Falls is one of the waterfalls mentioned by Dr. Eberhard Kautzsch’s in his book “A Guide to Waterfalls of Sri Lanka” published in 1983, considered the first book published exclusively on known waterfalls of Sri Lanka.

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Kirawanagama Ellewala Ella Falls – හල්දුමුල්ල ඇල්ලේවල ඇල්ල

Kirawanagama Ellewala Ella waterfall

Ellewala Ella waterfall is an small undocumented waterfall created by a stream in the Kirawanagama area in Haldemulla. The Kirawanagama lies off Beragala and accessible through winding by roads.

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Kirawanagama Dowili Ella Falls – හල්දුමුල්ල කිරවනාගම දූවිලි ඇල්ල

Lihiniyandola Ella Falls

Kirawanagama Dowili Ella Falls is an unexplored large waterfall created by the Kosgahamankada Oya in the Kirawanagama area. The stream splits in to two at the top of the waterfall creating 2 falls which joins again at the bottom.

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Halaba Dorowana Ella Falls – හලාබ දොරොවනා ඇල්ල

Dorowana Ella Waterfall

Dorowana Ella lies hidden deep in the jungle of Uva Paranagama area in the Badulla District. The waterfall falls in 2 stages from a height of over 30 meters and splits in to 2 steams at the center.

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Colombagama Rathu Palama Ella Falls – කොලඹගම රතු පාලම ඇල්ල

Colombagama Rathu Palama Ella

The 4 meter high Rathu Palama Ella is a small but a beautiful waterfall created by the Hangamu Oya in the remote village of Combagama. The waterfall is so called due its close proximity to a old and dilapidated steel bridge with wooden planks laid across Hangamu Oya on a disused road.

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Demala Ella Falls at Wewalwatte, Ratnapura – වේවැල්වත්ත දෙමල ඇල්ල

Demala Ella Waterfall

The Demala Ella lies below Alupola Ella but there is no access road to the waterfall. You will have to walk through the jungle or you can see this waterfall on on the circular road passing Alupola Ella.

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Wewal Ella Falls – වේවැල් ඇල්ල

A section of Wewal Ella Falls

The 15 meter high Wewal Ella Fall is situated near Weligoda junction on the Diyabibila- Batewela road, on the Ratnapura – Wewalwatte road.

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Kandamula Ella Falls – කන්දමුල ඇල්ල

Lower Segment of Kandamula Ella Falls

Height : ?? meters District : Nuwara Eliya Kandamula Ella Falls is an unlisted and waterfall lying Ramboda Center Falls lying next to the main road. This is not a single fall but falls over number of rocks in many

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Beruwatte Ella Falls – බෙරුවත්ත ඇල්ල

Beruwatte Ella Falls

The 50m high Beruwatte Ella Falls, set amongst tea plantations and a plethora of mountainous flora and fauna, is formed by the convergence of several brooks originating on the Rakshagala Mountain.

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Meddekanda Ella Falls – මැද්දෙකන්ද ඇල්ල

Meddekanda Ella Falls

At 18m high and 2m wide, the Meddekanda Ella Falls can be viewed from Meddekanda Bazaar. Caution is advised as bathing in its plunge pool is dangerous.

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Hal Ella Falls – හාල් ඇල්ල

Hal Ella Falls

This twin-streamed Hal Ella Fall (Haal Ella Fall) flows over a protruding rock face and resembles an upturned receptacle used for carrying water. It is 7m high and 12m wide. Upstream, the woodland contains several hal (Vateria copellifera) trees, the fruits of which fall into the stream and drift over the fall, hence its name.

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Dehena Ella Falls (Gaslabu Ella) – දෙහෙන ඇල්ල

Dehena Ella Falls

Folklore says that the Dehana Ella Fall was used as a torture chamber by an regional king in the ancient times. Therefore this was known as “Damana” Ella which became Dehena Ella with time.

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Alupola Ella Falls at Wewalwatte, Ratnapura – අලුපොල ඇල්ල

Alupola Ella

This 68m Alupola Ella Falls derives its name from a nearby tea estate. It is served by a brook beginning at Kalugaldova on the southern slope of the Bathurugala Mountain (1047m).

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