Ravana Ella I (Upper Ravana Ella) – ඉහළ රාවණා ඇල්ල

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Rawana Ella I (Upper Rawana Ella)
Rawana Ella I (Upper Rawana Ella) – by Dr Ashan Geeganage
Height : 25 meters
District : Badulla
Alternative names and spellings : Rawana Ella, Upper Rawana Ella, Upper Ravana Ella

There are two waterfalls in the Ella area. The most popular being the waterfall at the Bandarawela – Wellawaya Road. This is popularly known by the name of Ravana Ella by the tourists as well as the villagers around. There is another waterfall above this falls which is not visible to the main road which is also called Ravana Falls. This is generally considered the real Ravana Falls due the close proximity of the cave which is considered a place there Sita (in Ramayana) has hidden by the Lankan King Ravana for a while.

The correct name of the waterfall by the road is said to be “Bambaragama Ella“.

This Ravana Fall (proper) is 25 meters high and flows from the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir. During the dry season this almost dries up but during the rains flows at full force. Therefore the best time to visit this falls is during the rainy season or just after.

This waterfall is visible from from the Ella Railway station and between the Ella and Kithul Ella Railway stations if you are traveling by train.

Coming in to Ella from Badulla-Bandarawela Road, few hundred meters the Ella junction and 150 meters before the tunnel which the railroad cross the road from above, there is a road to right. This is called Kitelella (Kithelella) Road and connects to Bandarawela. Travel along this road 1-2 km and you will see the Ravana Falls at a distance on the left.


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Map of Ravana Ella I (Upper Ravana Ella)

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Travel Directions to Ravana Ella I (Upper Ravana Ella)

Route from Bandarawela to Ravana Ella I (Upper Ravana Ella) view

Route from Wellawaya to Ravana Ella I (Upper Ravana Ella) view

Through : Wellawaya Road (A23)
Distance : 12
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Badulla Road (A23)
Distance : 29 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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