Matale Kopi Ella Falls – මාතලේ කෝපි ඇල්ල

Height :12 meters
District :Matale

The 12 meter Kopi Ella Waterfall (Coffee Falls)l echoes the coffee is as it name signifies, where in 1823 exported form the Vicaten Estate. To facilitate the movement of coffee plucked from mountains, the British diverted the stream to from a canal to serve transportation. Still there are derelict coffee warehouses in its precincts. The 12m high stream was also known on Nona Ella or Lady Waterfall, as the wife of British superintendent is said to have bathed here.

The volume of water in contrast to the 1980 period had seen a sharp reduction, due to illicit logging or denudation, resulting the drying of aquifers at the mountaintop.


To get the Water Falls located in Matale District, Matale PS, Western Estate or at the Vicaten Estate, take the 6th milepost bus from Matale & get down at the 6th Mile Post. There is a footpath going adjacent to a tea Kiosk to the right. Travel 1.5km in this track, which leads to the Vicaten Estate with the old Enlish Canal flowing adjacent to its entrance. Travel further for 1.5km in the Vicaten Estate to view the fall. At its entrance the old English built canal, could be found. Going ahead for 1.5km parallel to the canal, towards the mountain, where the fall is situated.

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