Kande Sudu Ella Falls – Matale – මාතලේ කන්දේ සුදු ඇල්ල

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Height :8 meters
District :Matale

To get the 8m Kande Sudu Water Falls in Matale district, Laggala Electorate, in Pallegama DS, travel along the Matale Illukumbura Road for 28km, where the communications tower is situated. A further peregrination for 800m towards Illukumbura, a bridge is met. From there, turn right and trek for about 200m in a steep slope parallel to a brook to where fall is located. Throughout the day, the opaque milieu is encapsulated in permeating darkness, due to the closed jungle canopy. The location of the fall between two steep slopes also gives rise to its gloomy atmosphere. The fall cascades in white milky spray contrasting the darkness and giving rise to it name which spells out these vivid contrasts. The declivity on its two sides creepers viz. cane is rampant.

In the wood in the jungle lot varieties of orchids grows and also medicinal plants as Wanaja are found. A rare lizard species in the wilderness is ‘Cohotis Ceylonicus’, there only two such species in the world. Apart from here, the other is found in the Java Island. There are several spider species webbing in the falls environs. Adventive plants, and animals had been discovered from Knuckles, which serves to attracted the focus of academia. Knuckles Range became a world environmental heritage. On 15 May 2000, the Dumbara Range was declared a national heritage, resulting in shrinking its original extent.


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Map of Kande Sudu Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Kande Sudu Ella Falls

Route from Matale to Kande Sudu Ella Falls

Through : Rattota
Distance : 26 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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