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Ruwanwella Ambalama – රුවන්වැල්ල අම්බලම

Ruwanwella Ambalama

The Ruwanwella Ambalama lies in the center of crowded, traffic – congested Ruwanwella town close to the ancient fort. This is said to be the largest ambalama found in the county.

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Manella Ella Falls – මානැල්ල ඇල්ල

Manella Ella Falls

Height : 20 meters District : Kegalle The Manella Ella Falls comprises twin falls, of 6m and 20m, and both are surrounded by giant ferns (Pus) and Pandanus tectorious. It is at this fall that King Walagamba (103 BC) is

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Kumari Ella Falls – කුමාරි ඇල්ල

Kumari Ella Falls

According to folklore, the Kumari Ella Fall derives its name from King Sitawake Rajasinhe’s daughter, Kumari, as she is said to have drowned in the water.

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Goxin Falls at Ratnapura – ගොක්සිං (ගොක්සින්) ඇල්ල

Goxin Falls at Ratnapura

Height : 50 meters District : Ratnapura The Goxins Fall (Goskin Falls) gets its name from a British planter, Goxin, said to have been adept at aquatic sports. It is 50m in height and up to 50m wide during the

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Goraka Ella Falls – ගොරක ඇල්ල

Goraka Ella Falls

Goraka Ella Fall cascades over a number of rocky surfaces at before falling to the pool below. The fall lies on the Talduwa – MeewitigammanaRoad about 600 meters away ( as the crow flies) from the main road.

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Hanwella Ella Uda Ella Falls (Kahana Ella) – ඇල්ල උඩ ඇල්ල (කහන ඇල්ල)

Ella Uda Ella Falls

The Ella Uda Ella Falls is located in the Colombo District, Avissawella Electorate at Hanwella. To reach it, take the Hanwella road and turn off near the Thummodara Old Bridge, then continue for a further 10km to the Illuovita area.

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Nedun Rajamaha Viharaya in Kiriella – කිරිඇල්ලේ නැදුන් රජමහා විහාරය

Nedun Raja Maha Viharaya at Kiriella

The History of Nedun Raja Maha Viharaya (Nadun Raja Maha Viharaya) go back to the era of King Rajasinghe I of Sitawaka Kingdom (1581 – 1591).The temple houses a long pair of tusks which is said to be the longest in Asia

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Dutch Fort of Ruwanwella – රුවන්වැල්ල බලකොටුව

Fort of Ruwanwella

With regard to the Ruwanwella Fort, it is said that the Portuguese, in the 1590s, had a fortified base camp here and the Dutch, in 1665, built a wooden fort here but abandoned it a few years later.

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