Bothale Welameda Ambalama in Gampaha – බෝතලේ වෙලමැද අම්බලම

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Just two miles off from the Danowita junction on the Colombo-Kandy highway lies the village of Bothale, better known for the “Bothale Walawwa”, the ancestral home of D.S. Senanayake, the first prime minister of the independent Sri Lanka.

In the middle of lush green paddy fields of Bothale lies an dilapidated Ambalama neglected by the authorities. The history of the Bothale village goes back to times of King Gothabaya (253-266 AD) of Anuradhapura kingdom. During the reign of King Gotabaya,  when he was on the way to plant a Bo sapling from the Sri Maha Bodiya at Attanagalla Temple, the sapling had taken root at this place where the delegation was resting.

To protect and look after the sapling, the king established a village with the relevant people from 18 casts to carry out the different duties of caring for the Bodhi. Therefore it is believed that the history of this Ambalama too go as far as Anuradhapura kingdom and the road to Attanagalla from Anuradhapura had been across Bothale and this Ambalama would have served as a welcome resting place for the weary  traveler.

In 2013 it was reported that the Ambalama was badly in need of repair and part of the roof  had collapsed and it has been restored thereafter.

The ambalama is hidden from the main road thus easily missed. However this is fairly well known in the area and the villagers just refers to it as Welameda Ambalama.  Botale – Medabawita road is good but quite narrow. You need to park the vehicle near the small cemetery and walk about 400 meters on the narrow road through paddy fields. Thereafter you need to walk across Niyara of the paddy fields to reach the Ambalama.

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