Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfall Cluster – හුන්නස්ගිරිය බඹරගන් ඔය දිය ඇලි

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Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfall 01
Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfall 01
Height :Waterfall 01 : ~50 meters
Waterfall 02 : ~50 meters
Waterfall 03 : ~10 meters
Waterfall 04 : ~20 meters
Waterfall 05 : ~10 meters
Waterfall 06 : ~50 meters
Waterfall 07 : ~50 meters
District :Kandy

Bambaragan Oya is a stream originating from the Knuckles Forest Reserve and and flows in to Galmal Oya at Mandaramnuwara.  On its  course of passing Hunnasgiriya area, this stream creates some of the most beautiful waterfalls close to each other. Parts of these cluster of waterfalls are are only seen faraway on the route to Hunnasgiriya from Mandaramnuwara.

To get close to the cluster you would need to Travel 2 km on the Dehigolla road from Hunnasgiriya where you would reach a small bridge crossing the Bambaragan oya.

Counting from bottom to up, the first waterfall (waterfall 01) of this cluster lies beneath the bridge. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in the cluster and is visibe from the Mandaramnuwara – Hunnasgiriya road. You can climb down from side of the bridge along a water diversion canal  to reach the bottom of the waterfall. In addition to the waterfall there are 2 large caves. Legend says that king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe (1798 – 1815) used these 2 caves to as a hideout from the British soldiers during an attack on the Kandyan kingdom. during his exile. The first cave is said to have been used by him and his family to bath in private. Passing that there is another large cave which shows definite habitation in the past. Parts of wattle and daub walls inside the cave still can be seen. It is said that the king used this cave as his adobe.

Bambaragan Oya Ella 2 (2nd waterfall) lies not so far upstream from the bridge. You need to climb upstream from the bridge on slippery rocks and thick forest to reach the other waterfalls. The first one is not far from the road and is about 50 meters in height. This is the most majestic waterfall on this cluster. This waterfall is also called the “Dehigolla Ella” by the locals. The reason is probably the this waterfall is the most prominent and the popular due to the acceptability and the height.

Climbing through the jungles along the Banbaragan Oya, you can reach the top of the fall. Few meters upstream, you can see waterfall number 03 and number 04.  These are approximately 10 meters and 20 meters in height. Close to fall number 04 lies another large cave which shows past habitation.

Climbing further up, you will come across the 5th and 6th waterfalls. The 5th is about 10 meters in height and the 6th is by far the most elegant of all and is about 50 meters in height. The 5th waterfall is also called “Katahera Ella” by the locals.

Its not possible to continue on this path due the sheer drops but about 200 meters upstream from the 6th waterfall, Another wide and and large waterfall is (waterfall 07) is formed on the same steam. This falls in a step from and combined together the are at least 50 meters in height.

These  waterfalls does not appear on the LCWF list.


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Map of  Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfalls

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Travel Directions to Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfalls

Route from Kandy to Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfalls

Route from Mahiyanganaya to Hunnasgiriya Bambaragan Oya Waterfalls

Through :Kundasale – Pallekele – Theldeniya – Hunnasgiriya
Distance : 42 km
Travel time : 1 hour  30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Hasalaka -Gurulupotha
Distance : 26 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map