Gedaramada Ella (Ellegala Ella) Waterfall – ගෙදරමඩ ඇල්ල (ඇල්ලේගල ඇල්ල)

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Gedaramada Ella
Gedaramada Ella
Height :~10 meters
District :Kandy

Thalagune is a small agricultural area on the Kandy – Mahiyangana road 48 km off Mahiyanganaya and 49 km off Kandy. When you travel on the Ududumbara – Kalugala road you will see a large waterfall across the lush paddy fields from your right in the Thalagune area. This waterfall is called Thalagune Ella and 500 meters upstream lies another similarly large water fall called Gedaramada Ella. This is also called as Ellegala Ella by the locals and google maps  referred to as Thalagune Ella II.

The Gedaramada Ella (Ellegala Ella) is not visible to the Ududumbara – Kalugala road and not accessible from this route either.  Gedaramada Ella needs to be accessed from Kowilamada area. There is a concrete road to the left between 47th and the 48th kilometer post on the Kandy – Mahiyangana road. You need to travel along this up to the last house and follow a footpath towards a water steam. Crossing this path you need to hike some distance following the sound of water to reach the waterfall.

These  waterfalls does not appear on the LCWF list.


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Map of  Gedaramada Ella (Ellegala Ella) Waterfalls

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Travel Directions to Gedaramada Ella (Ellegala Ella) Waterfalls

Route from Kandy

Route from Mahiyanganaya

Through :Pallekele – Theldeniya
Distance : 49 km
Travel time : 1 hour  45  minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Hasalaka -Gurulupotha
Distance : 25 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map