Remains of the rampart of Kotte Kingdom in Siri Parakumba Pirivena

Ruins of Kotte Kingdom in Siri Parakumba Pirivena (සිරි පැරකුම්බා පිරිවෙණ තුල කෝට්ටේ රාජධානි නටබුන්)

Siri Parakumba Pirivena, a learning center for Buddhist monks, was established in 1875 on a land called Gabadawatte in Kotte by Hingulwala Sri Janaratana Thero. Gabadawatte which literary means Storage Estate is believed to be the location where the Royal Storage / Treasury of King Parakramabahu VI (1412-1467) of Kotte Kingdom.

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Church Missionary Society Lamabrick Hall in Kotte

Church Missionary Society Lambrick Hall in Kotte (කෝට්ටේ මිෂනාරි සමිති ලැම්බ්‍රික් ශාලාව)

The structure of Lambrick Hall embodies a fusion of Dutch architectural style and traditional Sri Lankan design. The edifice features a central hall, complemented by verandahs on all four sides. The anterior and posterior sections of the hall unveil a collection of rooms, each adorned with verandahs that open up to the surrounding environment. Architecturally, the verandah boasts two rows of columns.

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Kotte Archaeological Museum

Kotte Archaeological Museum [2] (කෝට්ටේ පුරාවිද්‍යා කෞතුකාගාරය)

Kotte, the one-time capital of the Sinhalese Kings is slowly waking up from its slumber after centuries of neglect under colonial rule. The city more properly known as Jayawardhanapura Kotte or ‘The Fortress in the Victory-enhancing City’ served as the capital of the Sinhalese Kings from the early 15th to the late 16th century before it fell into the hands of the Portuguese

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