Dimbulagala Kosgaha Ulpotha Ruins – දිඹුලාගල කොස්ගහ උල්පත නටබුණ්


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Image house at Kosgaha Ulpotha
Image house at Kosgaha Ulpotha
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

The Dimbulagala Rock is known for the Dimbulagala Rajamaha Viharaya by the public. But the Dimbulagala rock is scattered with ancient ruins not known by many. Kosgaha Ulpotha is such site hidden inside thick forest on the eastern slopes of the Dimbulagala Rock.

Until recently Dimbulagala rock has been a home to a Vedda community who are considered to be the decedents of the original aborigines of Sri Lanka who continues to maintain the original hunter gatherer lifestyle for millennia.

The Dimbulagala was transformed in to a major Buddhist site after the Matara Kithalagama Sri Seelalankara Thera (better known as Dimbulagala Hamuduruwo) arrived in 1950’s to the animal infested Dimbulagala range. He developed the Dimbulagala Rajamaha Viharaya as well as the Vedda community who lived around the rock.  Unfortunately On May 26, 1995 Dimbulagala Hamuduruwo was murdered by the Tamil LTTE terrorists when he was on his way to visit a farm.

During his early days at Dimbulagala,  Sri Seelalankara thero has gone in search of a cave called as “Iswate” by the Vedda community. He was accompanied by 2 other villagers on this search. Suddenly a leopard has appeared on the trail and the two villagers had run back and the thero has run towards the leopard to block its way. Suddenly a man in white clothes had appeared on the road  and has shown a path and asked the thero to take that path.

This path has taken the three travelers directly to the “Iswate” cave. The thero had cleaned the cave, lit a fire in front of it to keep wild animals away and gone to sleep in the cave. Suddenly a tall man has appeared in front of him and  has asked the thero to follow him. The man has taken the thero to a closeby location near the rocks, pointed at a place and then disappeared. At a later date, Seelalankara thero has dug the location shown by this mysterious man and a freshwater spring has sprung from this location. This spring is now called Kosgaha Ulpotha and it is said that this spring never dries up even during the worst dry spells. Many super natural events happening during the time Seelalankara thero was living in this adobe are being spoken by the people who were living in the vicinity at that time.

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Travel Directions to Dimbulagala Kosgaha Ulpotha Ruins

Route from Polonnaruwa to Dimbulagala Kosgaha Ulpotha Ruins

Distance :  38 km
Travel time : 1 hour
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