Unidentified structure at the Nissanga Malla’s court

Unidentified Mausoleum at the Nissanka Malla’s Court (හඳුනා නොගත් ස්මාරකය)

This is a lonely multi storied building made out of bricks. The staircase is still intact. An important feature of this building is that it has no windows. Due to this feature it is also thought to be a tomb of King Nissanka Malla. The original plaster is still intact giving a glimpse of what the plastering of buildings looked like over 800 years ago.

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statue of King Parakramabahu

Parakramabahu Statue at Pothgul Vehera (පොත්ගුල් වෙහෙර පරාක්‍රමබාහු පිළිමය)

This beautifully carved statue stands 11½ feet (3.5 meters) in height and carved in to a semi-circular rock. Popular belief is that this is the statue of king Parakramabahu (1153-1186) thus generally known as the Parakramabahu Statue. Another belief is that this is a statue of an Indian high priest (probably “Kapila” of “Pulasthi”). The long beard and the mustache, the hair, the clothing, and the body with a slightly large stomach are not what you would expect from a statue of a great king.

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