Katudeniya Purana Viharaya (කටුදෙණිය පුරාණ විහාරය)

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Katudeniya Purana Viharaya lies in the Ukuwela PS in the District of Kandy. The origins of this temple is unknown but according to folklore, this temple has been in built by prince Godapola Wijayapala, regional ruler of Matale Godapola Nuwara. It is believed that he is the eldest son of Kusumasana Devi (baptised as Dona Katherina) who was placed as the Queen of Kandy by the Portuguese in 1581.

Unfortunately, this temple has been destroyed by the British multiple times during their occupation of Kandy since 1815 and most of its antiquity has been destroyed. This destruction has been documented by a note written by the Meegasthanne Maha Adhikaram also known as the Dumbara Maha Nilame.

in 1896 Archibald Campbell Lawrie in the Gazetteer of the Central Province of Ceylon provides a brief description of this temple.

in 1860, this temple as again revived with the support of the villagers in Wariyapola, Warapitiya and Dumbukola. In 1873, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero offered a deed to this temple for the temple land to Talawinne Indajoti Thero. But this temple had again lost its glory towards the end of the 1800’s.

Even after this destruction, today you can see the Buddha Statues, wall paintings, Makara Thorana, brass pinnacles, guard stones, lion figures and figures of deities from the Kandyan Era in the temple.

This temple has been deserted for a long time in the past but it has been restored by the department of Archaeology and ancient glory has been restored.

The temple can be reached by reaching the Ukuwela Junction on the route to Matale from Kandy and taking the Elkaduwa Road up to Galoya Y Junction. Take the left falk toward Wariyapola to reach the temple.


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Route from Kandy to Katudeniya Purana Viharaya
distance :27 km
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