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Mihintale Sanctuary – මිහින්තලේ අභය භූමිය

Mihintale Sanctuary

Mihintale Sanctuary is the first wildlife sanctuary in the world established by king Devanampiyatissa in the 3rd century BC after meeting the Great Mahinda Thero,

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Kahatagasdigiliya Sri Gonagiri Rajamaha Viharaya – ගෝනගිරි රජමහා විහාරය

A little beyond the town of Kahatagasdigiliya, my destination, is the historic Gonagiri Rajamaha Viharaya which rises majestically against the backdrop of huge rock boulder.

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Hospital Complex of Mihintale – වෙද සල

Ambastala Dagoba at Mihitale

The ruins of the present Hospital Complex is attributed to King Sena II (853-887 AD). But it is believed that there was a hospital at Mihintale long before this building. The inner Chamber of the hospital is centered around a Buddha Shrine.

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Ambastala Dagaba and the Vatadage – අම්බස්තල දාගැබ

Ambastala Dagoba at Mihitale

Climbing up the 1,840 steps of Mihintale, this is the first relic which comes to view once you reach the upper terrace of Mihintale Complex.  Ambastala Dagaba believed to be built by  by King Mahadatika Mahanaga (09-21 AC) on the

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Mihindu Guhawa – මිහිඳු ගුහාව

Cave of Arhat Mahinda - Mihindu Guhawa

When one climbs down about three hundred yards on to the eastern side passing the site of the Sila Cetiya at Mihintale, one reaches a stone slab sheltered by another rock called Mihindu Guhawa.

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Mihintale Maha Seya – මිහින්තලේ මහා සෑය

Sunset at Mihintale

From whichever road you are traveling to Mihintale your first sight is almost always the Mihintale Maha seya, the largest and the most conspicuous stupa built half way up the Mihintale mountain.

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Kantaka Chethiya at Mihintale – කන්ථක චෛත්‍යය

Kantaka-Chethiya Mihintale

It is unknown who built Kantaka Chethiya stupa but it is said that the King Lanjatissa (119-109 BC) has built a stone mantel built for this stupa. Therefore we can assume that the stupa was built prior to 119 BC.

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Eth Vehera Stupa in Mihintale Monastery – ඇත් වෙහෙර

Mihintale Aradhana Gala

The climb along the long flight of steps leading to its summit of Eth Vehera is a rewarding experience. The narrow steps winding its way upwards makes art in its very simplicity.

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Refectory (Bath Ge) of Mihintale Monastery – බත් ගේ

The Refectory of Mihintale Monastery

The remains of the Bath Ge or the Dana Sala or the Refectory of the monks of the Mihintale Monastery.The building is rectangular with a central courtyard open to the sky and paved with granite slabs.

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