Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella Falls (තුංමෝදර රන්මුදු ඇල්ල)

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Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella
Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella – by Dr Ashan Geeganage
Height :15 metres
District :Colombo

The 15m high Ranmudu Ella Falls in Thunmodara is situated in a tributary of the Wakganga River, and the waters feed the Kelani River. The fall is a victim of its success. Due to its popularity, especially at weekends, the surrounding ecosystem is under threat from large numbers of trampling visitors.

It can be found 48km from Colombo, in the Colombo District Hanwella PC. From the Columbo – Avissawela highway head to Tumodara village. The fall is 0.5km from here.

Thunmodara is a quite laid-back village surrounded by a mountainous forest cover which acts as a protection for the main water source Colombo District. The village is home to one of the only 4 waterfalls in Colombo District. The other 3 waterfalls in Colombo also lie in the same area. Namely, these four are

  1. Kumari Wala Ella
  2. Ella Uda Ella – Kahana Ella
  3. Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella
  4. Dambora Ella

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Travel Directions to Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella Fall

Route from Colombo to Thummodara Ranmudu Ella Route II from Colombo to Thummodara Ranmudu Ella
Through : Malabe – Kaduwela – hanwella – Kaluaggala
Distance : 48 km
Travel time : 1.5-2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Battaramulla – Pannipitiya – Kottawa – Meepe – Angampitiya – Waga
Distance : 46 km
Travel time : 1.5-2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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