Alakola Ella Falls – අලකොල ඇල්ල

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Height :60 metres
District :Nuwara Eliya

This 60 meter Alakola Ella waterfall is believed to lie in the Rupaha off Udupusellawa . The location of the waterfall is uncertain and no photos of the waterfall is available on the web. According the the LCWF site Alakola Ella  is accessible by a vehicle but unfortunately none of the towns identified in the directions can be located on any map.

“The 60m fall is served by the Oban River, which follows the shape of a large ‘V’ beginning at the Buwalpola Mountain (1955m). The fall is situated in the Hanguranketha area, Nuwara Eliya District and the nearest town is Nuwara Eliya. Follow the Udupuddalewa Udupussellawa – Kandy road for about 7km to Eramuthukelle where a Hindu kovil (temple) sits atop a rock formation. The fall is behind the kovil. The journey can be made in any vehicle. “\

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