Holy Emmanuel's Church of Hanguranketha

Holy Emmanuel’s Church of Hanguranketha (හඟුරන්කෙත ශුද්ධවූ එම්මානුවෙල් පල්ලිය)

Built in 1886 by the philanthropist Charles Henry de Soysa, Holy Emmanuel’s Church of Hanguranketha is one of the oldest Churches in the district of Nuwara Eliya. A special feature found in this church is a stone moonstone near its main entrance. Such moonstones are generally found in Buddhist shrines and buildings near its main entrance. This a plain moonstone and lacks any elaborate carvings.

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World War Memorial in Nuwara Eliya

World War Memorial in Nuwara Eliya (නුවරඑළිය ලෝක සංග්‍රාමයේ යුද්ධ ස්මාරකය)

The War Memorial at Nuwara Eliya stands inside Victoria Park near the roundabout where Udupussallawa Road, Kandy Road and Badulla Road meet near the Grand Hotel. This Cenotaph is made of large granite blocks and was designed by Mr. R.A. Powell, the late Provincial Engineer of the district, and the actual erection was carried out by the Public Works Department, Nuwara Eliya. The Brass plaque was done by Messrs. Hoare & Company in England.

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හඟුරන්කෙත උදළුමඩ අම්බලම - Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama

Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama

This small Ambalama which belongs to the Kandyan period is located in Udalumada village in Hanguranketha. The ambalama is square in shape and is built near a stream of cool water stream under a large shade. The roof rests on four pillars made of blocks of granite. The short wall around the four sides have been designed to be seated.

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