Wataddara Gal Pinthaliya in Gampaha – ගම්පහ වටද්දර ගල් පිංතාලිය

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Wataddara Gal Pinthaliya in Gampaha

Wataddara Gal Pinthaliya in Gampaha
Photo by : Mokshara Wathsaranga Thilakasiri

A culturally significant practice in Sri Lankan history is the placement of Pinthaliya in areas where common men gathered. A pinthaliya generally consists of a large pot to store water and a “Kenessa” a deep spoon with a long arm to fetch the water from the Pinthaliya.

Like the Ambalama, Pinthaliya was another part of the Sinhalese culture enriched by Buddhism where the rich or poor maintained a drinking water pot on common routes for weary traveler for a drop of cold water. These pots were mainly made of clay, a natural coolant. Some times you would find Pinthaliyas carved out of stone.

One such stone Pinthaliya can be found at a busy road in Wataddara in Gampaha District. Protected by the archaeological department, this Pinthaliya stands right opposite the Wataddara Ganekanda Sri Sumanarama Purana Viharaya.

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Travel Directions to Wataddara Gal Pinthaliya in Gampaha

Route from Colombo to Wataddara Gal Pinthaliya in Gampaha
Through : Katunayake Expressway – Ja-Ela exit
Distance :45 km
Travel time : 1.15 hours
Time to Spent : 15 mins
Driving directions : see on google map
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