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Negombo Fort – මීගමුව බලකොටුව

Negombo Fort

The Portuguese fort that stood where the current Negombo Fort is situated was mostly destroyed by cannon during the Dutch siege in 1644. The Dutch fort was built on its ruins, not on the usual square pattern, but on a pentagonal one, though it had only four bulwarks. The fifth one was never bui

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Bodhirajarama Maha Viharaya (Angurukaramulla Temple) – මීගමුව බෝධිරාජාරාමය

Bodhirajarama Maha Viharaya (Angurukaramulla Temple)

Negombo known as “Little Rome” is a Catholic stronghold in Sri Lanka. Over 90 per cent of the population of Negombo are Catholics. There are over 50 churches and shrines within the Negombo municipality. The majority of Catholic Bishops and

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