Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo

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The ancient survey tower of Kandawala in Negombo used to lie on the middle of the road on a small patch of land where the Negombo Base Line road meets the Negombo – Katana road. This ower is considered the oldest survey tower and was built during the Dutch occupation era, in 1796 by the Dutch for survey purposes.

The has been 150 feet tall and square in shape. It has been bult with 3 levels each level gradually reducing in circumference maintaining the same squire pattern.

This building which was under the Department Archaeology suddenly crumpled to the ground on 28th November 2015 due to lack of maintenance. The building fell damaging to a maternity clinic on the junction and was a pile of rubble leaving nothing of the structure. Today all what is remaining is a bare patch of grass in the middle of the road where this majestic tower stood for 220 years.

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Map of Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo

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Traveling Directions to Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo

From Colombo to Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo
Via : Airport Expressway
Total distance : 43 km
Duration : 1 hour
Driving Directions : View on Google Maps

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