Mahasen Maligaya - The Building where the moonstone is located

Moonstone at Anuradhapura Mahasen Maligaya (අනුරාධපුර මහසෙන් මාලිගය සඳකඩ පහන)

Unknown to many, this moonstone lies at the entrance of a ruined building just behind the Ratnaprasada in Anuradhapura. This site is seems to be rarely visited without even a visible footpath. The most popular moonstone among the pilgrims and tourists lies on the building called Biso Maligaya. According to a plaque installed by the Department of Archeology, This moonstone is the most exquisite artistic creation of a moonstone found in Sri Lanka according to Prof. Senarath Paranawithana.

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Moonstone at Anuradhapura Biso Maligaya

Moonstone at Pancavasa : Biso Maligawa (බිසෝ මාලිගය – සඳකඩ පහන)

This Pancavasa located in the Abayagiri Monastery in Anuradhapura, now commonly known as Biso Maligaya or the queen’s palace for no apparent reason is most famous for the moonstone found in the main flight of stairs on the center building. This moonstone is considered one of the best and most well-preserved moonstone in this era. This moonstone is believed to be belonging to the 7-8 th Centuries.

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