Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Spring - මුතුගල්වෙල / ගුරුකුඹුර උනුදිය උල්පත

Maduru Oya Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Springs (මුතුගල්වෙල / ගුරුකුඹුර උනුදිය උල්පත)

According to aborigines in the area, there has been two springs in the area Mutugalwela which had been a guaranteed water supply to this rural village. One spring called kurutiyavinna has been gone under the waters of Kirawanagalkanda reservoir when it was built. The second spring has has been inside the Maduru Oya National Park which is now not accessible to the villagers.

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Kumara Ella Archaeological Reserve - කුමාර ඇල්ල පුරාවිද්‍යා භුමිය

Kumara Ella Archaeological Reserve (කුමාර ඇල්ල පුරාවිද්‍යා භුමිය)

In close proximity to the little known Buduruwayaya archeological site in the Polonnaruwa district is found another interesting archeological site (About 7 (seven) kilometers from Bakamuna and 1 ½ (one and a half) kilometers from Buduruwayaya) This is the recently excavated archeology site of Kumara Ella on the Dambulla – Kalagahawela new expressway.

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Elahera Gal Amuna and Prakarama Inscription - ඇලහැර ගල් අමුන සහ පරාක්‍රම සෙල්ලිපිය

Elahera Gal Amuna and Parakrama Inscription (ඇලහැර ගල් අමුන සහ පරාක්‍රම සෙල්ලිපිය)

The new Aban Ganga anicut at Elahera was on the road side, just within the elephant fence separating the Wasgamuwa Park from the main road. The gate to the premises was locked. But as we stopped our vehicle, the guard whose quarters were on the opposite side of the road came out. We asked him if we could go to see the old Gal amuna.

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The 2nd Nataraja casing found at the Siva Kovil No 5 in Polonnaruwa

Naipena Viharaya : Vishnu Devale No. 4 : Siva Devale No. 5 (නයිපෙන විහාරය : විෂ්නු දේවාලය අංක 4 : ශිව දේවාලය අංක 5)

The ruins known as Naipena Viharaya lies away from the main cluster of ruins and the ancient main street of ancient Polonnaruwa Kingdom. Here infect lies 2 kovils. On the left is the larger structure which is called the Siva Kovil Number 5. Adjoining it is a smaller structure now identified as s Vishnu Kovil Number 4.

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