Siva Devale No. 7 of Polonnaruwa Kingdom

Siva Devale No. 7 of Polonnaruwa Kingdom (ශිව දේවාලය අංක 7)

This Siva Devalaya (Kovil) one of the many small Siva Kovils which are found scattered around the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Siva Kovil marked as Siva Devale No. 7 lies just 100 before the northern exit from the inner city on the left of the road. This site lies few meters in to the tree line thus not distinguable from all other ruined walls of buildings which lies all over the inner city of the ancient Polonnaruwa kingdom.

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An Island with remains of a ancient building

Summer Palace in Deepa Uyana of Polonnaruwa

On the eastern edge of the the vast Parakrama Samudraya lies the remains of two summer palaces believed to be built by Parakramabahu I on two small islets which are connected to mainland during dry seasons. One lies very close Deepa Uyana, the other 500 meters inwards adjoining another edge of the reservoir is a larger summer palace.

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Summer Palace of Parakramabahu the Great (පරාක්‍රමබාහු සීත මාලිගය)

Summer Palace of Parakramabahu the Great

This Summer Palace is built on a platform built in 3 levels. Generally this structure is submerged upto the 2nd level of the platform. However during prolonged dry periods, the water levels recedes and sometimes connects to the mainland. There are remains of some of the walls and steps of this palace in addition to the base platform even after 850+ years.

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Unagala Vehera after reconstruction

Hingurakgoda Unagalawehera Rajamaha Viharaya (හිඟුරක්ගොඩ උණගලාවෙහෙර රජමහා විහාරය)

Unagalawehera (Unagala Vehera) Viharaya is also a large ancient stupa in the village of Unagalavehera. The Unagalavehera Stupa is the second largest stupa outside of Polonnaruwa. The stupa is 30 metres (98 ft) high.Legend has it that the stupa was built with lime mortar and that the layer of plaster was so thick that at that time it was called ‘Hunugal Vehera’ and later it was known as ‘Unagala Vehera’.

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Angammedilla National Park - අංගම්මැඩිල්ල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Angammedilla National Park (අංගම්මැඩිල්ල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය)

Angammedilla National Park is a lesser known and lesser visited national park situated in Polonnaruwa. Angammedilla was a forest reserve within the Minneriya-Girithale Sanctuary declared on 12 February 1988 and was promoted to a National Park on 6tb June 2006. This was mainly to protect the catchment area of the Parakrama Samudraya or the Sea of Parakrama.

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Ruins of a stone bridge over a smaller tributary of Angammedilla Canal which feeds Parakrama Samudraya in parallel. - අංගම්මැඩිල්ල තුල පිහිටි ගල් පාලම නටබුන්

Ruins of Stone Bridge inside Angammedilla National Park (අංගම්මැඩිල්ල තුල පිහිටි ගල් පාලම නටබුන්)

Ruins of an ancient stone bridge are It is located in the southwestern part of Parakrama Samudraya inside the national park of Angammedilla. It is located across a small tributary that flows from the west into the ancient Angamedilla Yoda Ela, which carries water to Parakrama Samudraya.

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Silumina Seya of Aralaganwila

Silumina Seya at Aralaganwila (අරලගංවිල වනයේ සැඟවුනු සිළුමින සෑය)

The main attraction of the site is the Silumina Seya stupa which lies on an elevated square pedestal. The importance of this site in the middle of the jungle is that the largest “Gal Chatraya” also known as “Chatra Gala” or “Gal Kude” (Stone Umbrella) recovered in Sri Lanka.These were used as the pinnacle of earliest stupas built in the country.

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