kalapoomy Megalithic Burial Ground area

Verappitti Buddhist Ruins in the Island of Karaitivu Jaffna (යාපනය කරතිවූ දුපතේ වෙහෙරපිටිට් පිහිටි නටබුන් භූමිය)

Dr. Ragupathi records Verappitti site as a mound of considerable size facing the sea in an area of about 5 acres. He records chiselled corel stones still having traces of lime plaster on them, semi-circular stepping stones (possibly an Moonstone) made out of Jaffna limestone, stones with sockets which was used as pillar bases and tiles scattered in the vicinity confirming the type of structure of the remains of this site.

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Vallipuram Buddha Statue of Sri Lanka now lying at the Marble Temple in Bangkok hidden away in a insignificant corner. photo by Peter Schalk in The Vallipuram Buddha Image “Rediscovered”

Vallipuram Buddha Statue and the Gold Plate (වල්ලිපුරම් බුදු පිලිමය සහ රන් සන්නස)

Mr P.E Pieris also reports of the Vallipuram Buddha Statue hidden away in the garden build by the British Government Agent Ackland Dyke dubbed ‘the Rajah of the North’, on a 27 acre land purchased with his private funds. He reports that this fine Buddha statue carved out of lime-stone has been dug up in 1902 at Koddiya Vattai once a Singhalese Watta and then a hamlet of Chunnakam.

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