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Lankagama Kekuna Ella Falls – ලංකාගම කැකුණ ඇල්ල

Lankagama Kekuna Ella

Height : 11 meters District : Galle Lankagama Kekuna Ella Falls is one of the many waterfalls found the the Sinharaja Reserve. This 11m fall, situated close to Lankagama is located 2.5 km from the Sinharaja ticketing counter. The waterfall

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Lankagama Brahmana Ella Fall – ලංකාගම බ්‍රාක්මණ ඇල්ල

Lankagama Brahmana Ella Fall

Lankagama Brahmana Ella fall is situated in the border of the Sinharaja Forest with a 17m height, which is fed by the Hariyawa brook. This brook had been dammed at the point where its both, right and left braches meet.

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Kosgahadola Ella Falls – කොස්ගහදොල ඇල්ල

Kosgahadola Ella Falls

Height : 3 meters District : Galle The source of this 3m-high Kosgahadola Ella Fall is an aquifer in the 2,430 hectares of the Mulatiyana Jungle, Matara District (Hakmana Electorate). Situated in an area that is being destroyed for its

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Hathmale Ella Falls – හත්මලේ ඇල්ල

Hathmale Ella Falls

Hathmale Falls (45m high and 10m wide) is the tallest fall in the Ginganga River and is split into seven segments (‘hathmala’). The fall lies 8km from Deniyaya Town

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Hathbinna Ella Falls – හත්බින්න ඇල්ල

Hathbinna ella falls

The 6m high Hathbinna Water Falls is in the Sinharaja forest area, near the Lankagama village in Galle district.

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Hathe Ella Falls – හතේ ඇල්ල

Hathe Ella Falls

It was only on the fifth day that the seven adventurers reached the 90-ft Hathe Ella waterfall made up of three different layers. “Finally after walking for three hours on the fifth day, we heard the waterfall.

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