Yakkalamulla Polpagoda Ambalama (යක්කලමුල්ල පොල්පාගොඩ අම්බලම)

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Ambalama, a concept prominent in ancient Sri Lanka, entailed the construction of wayside rests along popular routes. These resting places served as sanctuaries for weary travelers, be they on foot or cart, seeking respite and refuge during long journeys. Additionally, ambalams played a crucial role within local communities, serving as gathering spots for villagers to engage in relaxation and hold village council meetings.

It was believed that to build these Ambalam for the use of travelers is a meritorious deed and to pollute them is an unpardonable sin. On this belief people of means did not hesitate to construct these resting places on suitable locations and. They tried. Their best to keep- them spick and span.

In certain ambalams, elevated seating planks were arranged in tiered fashion. These structures were primarily utilized during discussions related to village matters, involving village elders and chiefs. It was customary for individuals to occupy seats based on their age, status, and at times, their caste.

Ambalams, architectural structures constructed using materials such as stone, wood, or brick and mortar, were greatly influenced by the wealth and social standing of their benefactors. These splendid edifices were painstakingly crafted, reflecting the artistic prowess of a bygone era. However, as time passed and society evolved, the purpose of these buildings shifted from being extravagant works of art to more practical and functional structures.

Yakkalamulla Polpagoda Ambalama lies between Imaduwa and Kottawa towns. If traveling from Kottawa, you need to travel 3.7 km on the Yakkalamulla road and turn right towards Polpagoda town. Traveling 4 km on this road, you will come across this Ambalama by the road next to the Manakandura by road. Traveling on th Southern Expressway, you need to exit from Imaduwa Exit, travel to Imaduwa town and turn left towards Polpagoda and travel 7.4 km to reach the destination.

The Yakkalamulla Polpagoda Ambalama is situated along the route connecting Imaduwa and Kottawa towns. To access the ambalama from Kottawa, you would need to travel a distance of approximately 3.7 km on the Yakkalamulla road before taking a right turn towards the town of Polpagoda. Continue along this road for approximately 4 km, and you will locate the ambalama easily as it is positioned adjacent to the Manakandura by-road.

If you are traveling via the Southern Expressway, you can take the Imaduwa Exit and proceed towards the Imaduwa town. From there, take a left turn towards Polpagoda and cover a distance of approximately 7.4 km to reach your destination with ease.

The ambalama is made of brick and mortar with a half wall traversing around the building. Nine brick walls supports the roof the building. The roof is tiled using Gam-Ulu, Semi Cylindrical Clay Tiles.

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Travelling Directions to Yakkalamulla Polpagoda Ambalama

From Imaduwa Exit to Yakkalamulla Polpagoda Ambalama
Via : Imaduwa town
Total distance: 9.5 km
Duration : 15 minutes
Time to be spent: About 10-15 minutes
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