Erukkalampiddy Ancient Survey Tower

Erukkalampiddy Ancient Survey Tower in Mannar (මන්නාරම එරුක්කලම්පිටිය පැරණි මිනුම් කුළුණ)

A damaged survey tower is found on the northern coast of Mannar Island unknown by many travellers. It lies off a bare strip of sand on a beach covered with thorny bushes. The tower stands on a square base. On top of it is two cylindrical segments, the top one smaller than the bottom. If it had a had a 3rd column at the top, it’s not visible now.

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Kappa Kovil (Portuguese Church) Ruins in Mannar

Kappa Kovil (Portuguese Church) Ruins in Mannar (මන්නාරම කප්පා කෝවිල නටබුන්)

The architectural features of this building resemble those of a church. The dilapidated building belongs to the Portuguese Period. There is no roof in the building and the thickness of a wall is about 2m. Specially prepared bricks have been used and the length, width and height of a brick are 1 foot, 8 inches and 2 inches respectively.

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