Old Talaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse)

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The Old Talaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse) is located at the south of the island at the start of the Adams Bridge, the natural sandbank which stretches all the way to India.  This area is called Urumalai, thus this is also known as Urumalai Lighthouse.

This is an Iron Structure where fire was used as the navigation light at the top. It is said to have been constructed in the colonial era, especially between the 1850-1900 period. In 1931 Sailing Directions for the West Coast of India notes that the lighthouse was a black skeleton steel tower 113 feet (34.4 meters) in height.

Currently, only the iron Structure built on 7 long steel pipes stands tall with no indication of it being a lighthouse.

This structure today lies inside a Naval Base and you cannot go to this structure. Yet you can get a good view of this lighthouse from the camp entrance.


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Driving Directions of Old Talaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse)

From Colombo to Urumalai LighthouseFrom Anuradhapura to Urumalai Lighthouse
Through : Chilaw – Puttalam – Mannar
Distance : 290 km
Travel time : 6.5 hours
Time to Spend : about 30 mins
Driving Directions : See Google Maps here
Through : Medawachchiya – Mannar
Distance : 145 km
Travel time : 3 hours
Time to Spend : about 30 mins
Driving Directions : See Google Maps here

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