Tomb of Adam and Eve in Mannar, Sri Lanka (මන්නාරම ආදම් හා ඊවාගේ සොහොන්)

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Somewhat in the center of Mannar island lies a Muslim place of worship which is believed to be the tomb of Adam and Eve by some.

According to legend, two tall siblings have landed in Mannar on a boat. No one knew where they came from and when they died they were buried at this location. With the passage of time these tall siblings became 40-foot-tall giants and the Muslims in the area developed their own version of the lore for the two tombs.

According to local Muslim legends Adam and Eve used the tiny islets connecting Talaimannar and Dhanushkodi (in India) now called the Adams Bridge to travel to Sri Lanka on the way to the peak of Sri Pada (ref. Mannar: Discovering a land of ancient lore ). When the Muslim merchants and Christians arrived in Sri Lanka, they saw thousands of Buddhists pilgrimaging to the mystic mountaintop of Sri Pada where the Buddha left his footprint on his third visit to this island developed their own versions of religious legends regarding this peak. Muslims believe this is the footprint of Prophet Adam.

The site of the so-called tomb is walled and inside a small rectangular area and inside the walled area lies two long semi-cylindrical structures on the sand covered by a green cloth. One 40 feet long is said the be the grave of Adam and the the other 38 feet long is said to be Eve’s.

On one side of the grave is a boat made out of cement with the engraving 786 – 1968.

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Traveling Directions to the Tomb of Adam and Eve in Mannar

Route from Colombo to Tomb of Adam and Eve in Mannar
On : Southern Highway – Puttalam – Oyamaduwa – Thanthirimale – Mannar
Distance : 350 km
Travel time : 7 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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