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Dombepola Katuwel Ella Fall – කටුවැල් ඇල්ල

Katuwel Ella on Yatiyanthota - Seepoth Road

Katuwel Ella Fall lies about 700 meters before the popular Olu Ella Falls on the Yatiyanthota – See Poth Road and is approximately 6-9 meters ( 20-30 feet) in hight.

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Ruckmal Ella Falls – රුක්මල් ඇල්ල

Ruckmal Ella Falls

This 10m high Ruckmal Ella fall is best viewed from the highway. To reach it from Bulathkohupitiya, travel along the road to the east for 13km. It is 45km from Kitugala rest-house.

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Rikilla Ella Falls – රිකිල්ල ඇල්ල

Rikilla Ella Falls

Flowing over a smooth rock surface, the source of the 30m Rikilla Ella Fall is the stream flowing from the northern side of the Hunusahaldeniya mountain range (600m).

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Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella – පුවක්මල් ඇල්ල / සීත ඔය ඇල්ල

Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella

The amazing shrub jungle that forms the backdrop to this 37m-high Puwakmal Ella (Seetha Oya Ella) fall is worthy of note. From Puwakmal Falls, it is also possible to see Ellapita Falls.

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Punahela Suramba Ella Falls – පුනාහෙල සුරඹ ඇල්ල

Punahela Suramba Ella Falls

This 15m high Punahela Suramba Ella fall can be reached on the Ruwanwella Bulathkohupitiya route traveling 6.2 km pass the Warawala town. The fall can be seen from the road itself but need to cross a suspension bridge to get a closer look.

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Olu Ella Falls – ඕලු ඇල්ල

Wooden Bridge across Olu Ella

Olu Ella is the 6th tallest waterfall in the country and the tallest in the Kegalle District. This is also the highest waterfall in connected to the Kelani River.

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Nelugolla Ella Falls – නෙළුගොල්ල ඇල්ල

Nelugolla Ella Falls

Height : 10 meters District : Galle The 10m high Nelugolla Ella Fall names in honor of an engineering student Anura Nelugolla who in 1981 conducted a research on waterfalls. At the base of fall there is a 1m deep

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Nakkavita Ella Falls – නක්කාවිට ඇල්ල

Nakkavita Ella Falls

The Mahagal Oya (river) springs from the western slope of the 718m-high Higurangala Mountain and flows over a stone slab, creating the Nakkavita Ella fall

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Nalagana Ella Falls – නලඟන ඇල්ල

Nalagana Ella

Springing from the Ritigaha Oya reservoir, the Nalagana Ella Falls comprises a number of chutes, each measuring about 40m in height.

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Mannakethi Ella Falls – මන්නකැති ඇල්ල

Mannakethi Ella Falls

Height : 60 meters District : Kegalle The source of this 60m-high Mannakethi Fall is the Girankitha Oya Reservoir, that is served in turn by the western slopes of the Unagula Mountain. Later, the Mannaketi Falls flows into the Kelani

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Manella Ella Falls – මානැල්ල ඇල්ල

Manella Ella Falls

Height : 20 meters District : Kegalle The Manella Ella Falls comprises twin falls, of 6m and 20m, and both are surrounded by giant ferns (Pus) and Pandanus tectorious. It is at this fall that King Walagamba (103 BC) is

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Mala Ella Falls – මාල ඇල්ල

ogimage waterfall

Height : 75 meters District : Ratnapura The 75m Mala Falls is 20km from Embilipitiya (a town south of Ratnapura), off the Emilipitiya – Suriyakanda road in the Mavanwela area. Primary Source : www.srilankanwaterfalls.net Also See Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

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Makulu Ella Falls – මකුලු ඇල්ල

Makulu Ella Falls

Height : 4 meters District : Kegalle The name of the Makulu Ella Fall refers to the bewildering varieties of spiders, which once upon a time webbed here. The milieu of the fall, which is the Makandawa Conservation, is rich

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Lenkiri Ella Falls – ලේන්කිරි ඇල්ල

Lenkiri Ella Falls

Height : 20 meters District : Kegalle This 20m high Lenkiri Ella Fall cascades in three stages, with the final drop measuring 20m and presenting a spectacular scenario. The journey it self is a unique experience, with the sounds of

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Malalpola Kithul Ella Falls – මලල්පොල කිතුල් ඇල්ල

Malalpola Kithul Ella Falls

Malalpola Kithul Ella Falll cascades down 13m between two mountains in the We Oya Valley. The surrounding area is dotted with palmyra trees, hence the fall’s name.

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Kahanawita Ella Falls – කහනවිට ඇල්ල

Kahanawita Ella Falls

Kahanawita Ella Falls is a popular waterfall in Gomala Oya lying on the Dehiowita – Deraniyagala road 3.5 km away from Dehiowita.

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Hathdinnath Ella Falls – හත්දින්නත් ඇල්ල

Hathdinnath Ella Falls

This 30 meter high Hathdinnath Ella waterfall lies on the Deraniyagala – Noori Road (B93) leading to Noori. The waterfall can be seen cascading down a rock on the left side in the Mudagalla area.

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Handun Ella Falls – හඳුන් ඇල්ල

Handun Ella Falls

Height : 30 meters District : Kegalle Handun Ella Falls is 30m in height and is said to have got its name from the profusion of sandalwood (Santalum album) trees found in the area. Take the minor road through Kitulgala

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Goxin Falls at Ratnapura – ගොක්සිං (ගොක්සින්) ඇල්ල

Goxin Falls at Ratnapura

Height : 50 meters District : Ratnapura The Goxins Fall (Goskin Falls) gets its name from a British planter, Goxin, said to have been adept at aquatic sports. It is 50m in height and up to 50m wide during the

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Goraka Ella Falls – ගොරක ඇල්ල

Goraka Ella Falls

Goraka Ella Fall cascades over a number of rocky surfaces at before falling to the pool below. The fall lies on the Talduwa – MeewitigammanaRoad about 600 meters away ( as the crow flies) from the main road.

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Gorok Ella Falls – ගොරොක් ඇල්ල

Gorok Ella Falls — in Yatiyantota

Gorok Ella Falls is 23m in height and ultimately flows into the Wee Oya. It is located close to Yatiyantota, Kegalle District. To get there, take the road from Yatiyantota to Pahala Palanpitiya through an area of thick jungle.

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Eli Hatha Falls in Uda Maliboda – ඇලි හත

Fall number 2 of Eli Hatha -

Height : 100 meters District : Kegalle This 100 meter high Eli Hatha  waterfall is in fact collection of 7 waterfalls on the Naya River on the Sri Pada Nature Reservation. Each fall is identified by a number starting at

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Dummala Ella Falls – දුම්මල ඇල්ල

Dummala Ella Falls

Height : 5 meters District : Nuwara Eliya The area in which the Dummala Ella Fall was earlier called Katuhena and that the former name of the stream was Thattibathgoda Ela. King Walagamba is stated to have sought refuge in

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Dotulu Ella Falls – දෝතුලූ ඇල්ල

Dotulu Falls Ella

Height : 83 meters District : Kegalle To reach this 83m high Dotulu Ella Fall, travel from Halwatura Kelle Tea House for 1km, to the west of the Bambaragala area. It is also possible to view the fall from the

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Devagiri Ella Falls (Diyangiri Ella) – දේවගිරි ඇල්ල

Devagiri Ella Falls - photo courtesy of Lahiru Wijesinghe

  Height : 90 meters District : Kegalle Despite its height, this Devagiri Ella Fall is not a frequently visited place due to its location. The waterfall lies on the Dolosbage – Bulathkohupitiya Road close to Dedugala. The locals may

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