Galapitamada Kiuldeniya Ambalama (ගලපිටමඩ කිවුල්දෙණිය අම්බලම)

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Kiuldeniya Ambalama is a old way side rest in Kiuldeniya village in Kegalle District. To reach this wayside rest, you need to reach Galapitamada jucntion either from Ruwanwella in south or from Warakapola in north. From Galapidamada, take the Dedigama/Nelundeniya road (B540) for 1.5 km and reach Alpitiya Junction. From this point take the Kiuldeniya road for 650 meters to reach the structure.

In the ancient times, when there were no proper roadways or transport facilities other than narrow footpaths through dense jungles. Infested with wild animals and for transport only bullock carts were available, the villagers very seldom opt to leave their villages for Pilgrimages or to visit their friends and relatives who stayed in other areas. With greatest difficulties and hundred and one risks, one journey, they dared to take was to go to Sri Pada once a year to worship. It is said that since this was a very dangerous journey, the villagers, were in the habit of transferring their belongings and properties to next of kin as they were doubtful of their safe return.

Since this journey takes a number of days, they had to spend the nights in some safe place and relax. Main purpose of building ambalams was to help these travelers to rest their weary limbs, prepare meals and to spend the night. Very often these ambalams were erected near a stream. Also by the side of it they placed a big pitcher of water called “pinthaaliya” moulded either in clay or stone.

Kiuldeniya Ambalama is a square building made of brick and mortar. This has been built in 1930 as per the engraving on the front wall. The roof is held by four brick pillars and a half height wall is built around the structure. The seating bench built with cement is found only on the rear wall of the ambalama.

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Travel Directions to Kiuldeniya Ambalama

Route from Colombo to Kiuldeniya Ambalama
Through : Kadawatha – Warakapola
Distance : 80 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Time to Spent : 15-20 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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