Thunthota Alawala Ambalama (තුංතොට අලවල අම්බලම)

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The village of Alawala where this Ambalama is situated lies about 5km south of the Kandy road between Nelundeniya and Galigamuwa. Traveling from Nelumdeniya, you need to take the Thunthota road and travel for 5km upto Thunthota passing the infamous Dedigama Kota Vehera as well. From Thunthota turn left towards Pitagaldeniya and travel 3 km to find this Ambalama by the road unattended and covered with weed.

In ancient times, people traveled from place to place on foot or by cart. Pilgrimages or trade journeys were measured in days, not in hours as they are now. Therefore, resting places (way side rests) or ambalams were built at various places along these popular routes. These ambalams were used to cook small meals for travelers to spend the night safely. They are built around commonly used roads. Generally a place was chosen where there are facilities for a traveller, i.e. near a well or a stream, to build a Ambalama.

At the same time, this Ambalama was also important as a gathering place for the people of that village. Often Ambalams were built under royal patronage or patronage of local nobles. Therefore, the size of these ambalams and artworks changed according to the wealth of the people who sponsored them.

Thunthota Alawala Ambalama is a brick and motar structure with 4 brick pillars holding the roof and 2 wooden pillars at the entrance. A short wall is built around the ambalama and the top half is exposed. The structure stands alone a land covered in tall grass and weed growing all over.

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Map of Alawala Ambalama

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Travelling Directions to Alawala  Ambalama

From Kegalle to Alawala Ambalama
Via : Dedigama – Thunthota
Total distance: 8km
Duration : 15 minutes
Time to be spent: About 15 minutes
Driving Directions : View on Google Maps

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