Bulatkohupitiya Welanda Ella Falls – බුලත්කොහුපිටිය වෙළඳ ඇල්ල

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Height :20 metres
District :Kegalle

There are number of waterfalls along the Bulathkohupitiya – Dedugala Road. The first waterfall on this route is the Welanda Ella Waterfall. Then you come across Kalupahanawatte Ella, Rikili Ella, Nalagana Ella and Ruckmal Ella before you reach Dedugala. Passing Dedugala, you come across Devagiri Ella and Windsor Forest waterfall before you reach Dolosbage.

Traveling 3.7 km on the Dedugala road from Bulathkohupitiya, you will come across a concrete paved road on to your right which crosses a stream. You need to travel About 500 meters on this road and walk about the 500 meters through rubber estates and jungle patches to reach this fall. The route is not marked so its best to travel with someone who knows the tracks to reach the waterfall.

The waterfall lies on a small stream thus there is never lot of water even during the raining season. It almost dries up during the dry season and not worth the visit. Although there is not much water, this water falls over a wide rock edge creating a thin but wide vail during the raining seasons. There is no pool at the bottom but it walls on to a rocky plain and flows over, enabling anyone to safely walk right up to the waterfall.

The waterfall drops in 2 steps and the bottom step is the tallest and is about 20 meters in height.

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Map of  Welanda Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Welanda Ella Falls

Route from Avissawella to Welanda Ella Falls

Through : Dehiowita – Ruwanwella – Bulathkohupitiya
Distance : 35 km
Travel time : 1.5 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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