An old photograph of Dankotuwa Singakkuliya Aiyanayaka Tampita Devalaya

Dankotuwa Singakkuliya Aiyanayaka Tampita Devalaya (දංකොටුව සිංගක්කුලිය අයියනායක ටැම්පිට දේවාලය)

Singakkuliya Aiyyanayaka Tampita Devalaya lies in the village of Singakkuliya in Dankotuwa Divisional Secretariat in Puttalam District. According to folklore this devalaya is about 400 to 500 years old. The Tampita Devalya is built on 9 stone pillars slightly over 1 foot high.

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Disappearing Ruins of the Allirani Palace in Kalpitiya (කල්පිටිය අල්ලිරාණි මාලිගයේ වැනසී යන නටබුණ්)

On the Puttalam peninsula lies ruins of what is believed to be a palace which was adobe of princess Allirani. Site lies close to a large pond called Genge. Remains of a building with rock pillars was found here. Although declared as an archaeological site, no exploration or conservation work has been carried out by the department.

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Ruins of Thimbiripokuna Palamgala Stone Bridge

Ruins of Thimbiripokuna Palamgala Gal Palama (Stone Bridge) and Gal Amuna (තිඹිරිපොකුණ පාලම්ගල පුරාණ ගල් පාලම හා ගල් අමුණ නටබුණ්)

Ruins of a ancient stone bridge and a amuna (weir) belonging to the mid Anuradhapura period lies at Palamgala over Kala Oya in the remote village of Thimbiripokuna on the borders of Wilpaththu National Park

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Modified Tampita Viharaya of Dikwela Sri Vishuddharamaya

Dikwela Sri Vishuddharamaya Purana Tampita Viharaya (දික්වෙල ශ්‍රී විශුද්ධාරාමය පුරාණ ටැම්පිට විහාරය)

Sri Vishuddharamaya in Dikwela is an ancient temple with a Tampita Viharaya built during the era of the Kandyan kingdom. Unfortunately this Tampita Viharaya has been modernized losing all its architectural and historical value. Only the granite pillars seems to be of the original viharaya.

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