Anamaduwa Halambe Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya

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The village of Halambe is situated approximately 8 km from Anamaduwa. Within its boundaries lies the Halambe Rajamaha Vihara, a temple which, despite its modernized state, carries vestiges of a hidden past.

A prominent feature of this temple complex is the Halambe Tampita Viharaya. These unique structures, built upon raised platforms supported by pillars, are often made of stone. This temple tradition is a type of building that was popular during the Kandy Kingdom period, i.e. in the 17th century until the last half of the 19th century. Typically, these raised platforms are meticulously constructed, with extensive use of timber beams and planks forming the foundation upon which these temples are erected.

The Tampita Vihara at Halambe is particularly noteworthy, as it stands at an impressive height of approximately 5 feet. In fact, its design resembles that of a two-story building, with the Tampita temple serving as the upper level. The stone pillars utilized in its construction appear to have been sourced from various ancient temple ruins, resulting in a distinct and varied composition.

The front of the Tampita Viharaya, a high hall has been built. The ground floor has been enlarged by using a slave plant around the temple. This section appears to be a later construction.

Throughout the temple grounds, one can observe numerous remnants of ancient stone ruins, as well as a considerable stone-cut tank located beneath the Tampita Viharaya. Additionally, the grounds boast ancient Korawakgal (carved stone balustrades) and Muragal (guard stones), further testifying to the historical significance of this sacred site.

To embark on a journey to this remarkable temple, one must travel approximately 3.2 km from Anamaduwa towards Nikaweratiya, before taking a southern side road. After traversing an additional 3 km along this path, the Rajamaha Vihara of Halambe will come into view.

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Traveling Directions Anamaduwa Halambe Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya

From Puttalam to Anamaduwa Halambe Tampita Viharaya
Via : Halawata – Bangadeniya – Aadigama
Total Distance : 130 KM
Time : 3 Hours
Time To Drive : 1-1/2 Hours
Driving Directions :  View on Google Map


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