Disappearing Ruins of the Allirani Palace in Kalpitiya (කල්පිටිය අල්ලිරාණි මාලිගයේ වැනසී යන නටබුණ්)

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Directions to Ruins of the Allirani Palace
Directions to Ruins of the Allirani Palace
Photo by Milinda Huruggamuwa

Although the written history of Sri Lanka starts from the arrival of prince Vijaya in 543BC, Sri Lanka was ruled by three tribes – Yaksha, Naga and Deva. The western coast along Puttalam was under the Yaksha tribe. When prince Vijaya landed in Thambapanni in Sri Lanka, he was med by Kuveni  a princess of the Yaksha tribe.

According to ancient cave inscription, Kuveni’s father was Bimba, a son of king Kana who had a another son called Kumba. Princess  Allirani was the daughter of king Kumba. According to legend princess Allirani and her husband general Giribaddha were in control of the cost of Mannar where the pearl industry was in full swing.

On the Puttalam peninsula lies ruins of what is believed to be a palace which was adobe of princess Allirani. Site lies close to a large  pond called Genge. Remains of a building with rock pillars was found here.  Although declared as an archaeological site, no exploration or conservation work has been carried out by the department. The granite artifacts scattered around this site have been carried away by people mercilessly. In 2014 it was reported that six granite foundation bases  from this site were found at a hotel in Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya where only foreign tourists are entertained.  These pillar bases have been parts of building foundations at Allirani Archeological site which has been taken away illegally.

Today very few artifacts remain in this area and even they are hidden in overgrown shrub jungles. Few families have encroached this area and lives in coconut palm-leaf huts.

Traveling 33 km from Palavi junction on Negambo – Puttalam road towards Kalpitiya, you will come across by road to the left just at the 33rd KM post. Here you will find a sign board by the department of archaeology directing towards the Allirani Archaeology Site. Drive on this road and then along the Genge lake on sandy roads for about 2km to reach this iste marked by a notice board by the Archaeological Department declaring this as a archaeological site.

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Map of The Ruins of the Allirani Palace in Kalpitiya

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Driving Directions to Ruins of the Allirani Palace in Kalpitiya

Route from Colombo to Ruins of the Allirani Palace Route from Puttalam Town to Ruins of the Allirani Palace
Though : Negombo – Kalpitiya Road
Distance : 171 km
Travel time : 3.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Kalpitiya Road
Distance : 37 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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