Tabbowa Wewa Reservoir – තබ්බෝව වැව

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Tabbowa Reservoir during the rainy season
Tabbowa Reservoir during the rainy season

The Tabbowa Wewa (also written as Thabbowa, Thabbova, Tabbova) is a ancient irrigation system in the Mee (Mi) Oya basin, constructed by damming the Nanneri Oya, a major tributary of the Mee Oya , for irrigation purposes. The reservoir was restored between 1913-1925 and then again in 1969. The Tank covers an area of of 461 hectares (4.6 sq.  kilometers) at full capacity.

There is not much evidence on its construction and its history. However it is believed built by King Kawantissa.

Irrespective of the time in which it was built, Tabbowa Wewa holds a timeless significance as an irrigation lifeline. R. L. Brohier has quoted from a chronicle from ancient Sath Korale on Tabbowa.

According to RL Brohier

“Maha Thabbowa 12 cubits deep, Capacity 350 Amunu (app 875 acres) two sluices, There are 18 neglected villages on the catchment, 108 neglected villages and 32 abandoned temples along the bund……” Ancient Irrigation Work of Ceylon, RL Brohier [pp42]…

Specifications of Tabbowa Wewa

Catchment384 Sq. Km.
Length of Dam1910 m.
Height of Dam9 m.
Capacity19 millions cu. m

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Map of  the Tabbowa Wewa

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Traveling to Tabbowa Wewa

Route from Colombo to Tabbowa Wewa
Through : Chilaw – Puttlam
Distance : 151 km
Travel time : 2.5 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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