Gampaha Kuttivila Ambalama

Gampaha Kuttivila Ambalama (ගම්පහ කුට්ටිවිල අම්බලම)

Gampaha Kuttivila Ambalama stands out as a significant resting spot, situated alongside a green paddy field and the Kirindiwela-Batuwita road in Gampaha. Crafted from durable brick and mortar, this Ambalama presents itself as a sturdy rectangular structure. Positioned with its entrance facing the main road, it is embraced by a half-height protective wall.

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Horagolla Ambalama in Gampaha

Horagolla Ambalama in Gampaha (ගම්පහ හොරගොල්ල අම්බලම)

Horagolla Ambalama is a brick and mortar structure with six brick pillars holding the roof. The rear of the ambalama is a full height while the other 3 sides have half-height walls. The pillars are plain and carry no artwork. A half height wall is built around the building with an opening for the entrance at the front.  The roof is tiled with semi cylindrical Sinhala Ulu clay tiles.

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කඩුවෙල කොටුන්න අම්බලම - Kaduwela Kotunna Ambalama

Biyagama Kottunna Ambalama

Kottunna Ambalama devoid of artistic value, is made of brick and mortar. The skin is made square and the roof is supported on 4 large pillars. The walls are short. The roof is made in the Kandy era Ambalam style with 8 rafters connected to the wooden slats known as Madol Kurupawa without using cross beams. A simple carved lotus flower can usually be seen in Madol Kurupa.

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Katunayake Awariwatta Survey Tower in 2021

Katunayake Awariwatta Survey Tower in Negombo (කටුනායක ඇවරිවත්ත පැරණි මිනුම් කුළුණ)

Awariwatta Survey Tower is built in form of 3 cylindrical pillars each smaller in diameter than the bottom one. The height if the top segment is much higher than the other 2. At the top is a platform for surveyors to climb and take measurements. There is a steel ladder to the top. However the ladder of the bottom 2 cylinders are now missing.

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Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo before the collapse in 2015

Kandawala Survey Tower in Negombo (විනාශ වූ කඳවල මිනුම් කුළුණ)

The ancient survey tower of Kandawala in Negombo used to lie on the middle of the road on a small patch of land where the Negombo Base Line road meets the Negombo – Katana road. This 150 feet high tower is considered the oldest survey tower and was built during the Dutch occupation era, in 1796 by the Dutch for survey purposes.

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Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site at the Minuwangoda Dewapola Ananda Maha Vidyalaya

Minuwangoda Dewalapola Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site (මිනුවන්ගොඩ දෙවලපොල ආදී මානව සුසාන භූමිය)

The Prehistoric Burial Site of Dewalapola in Minuwangoda was discovered in 2016 on the premises of Dewalapola Ananda Maha Vidyalaya. Two clay burial canoes have been discovered on the access path to the school. The excavation took place based on a belief among the locals regarding an ancient burial ground at the school.

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