Biyagama Kottunna Ambalama

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In ancient Sri Lanka, Ambalams were built by kings and nobles along the roads to provide shelter and rest for travelers and villagers. These structures were often used for community gatherings and overnight stays.

Most of the ambalams that stand today date back to the Kandy era (1597-1815). These ambalams are known for their intricate carvings and sophisticated architecture. Ambalams built after the Kandy era are also found throughout the country, but they are generally less ornate and more utilitarian.

Kottunna Ambalama, built next to the Biyagama-Kottunna road in Gampaha district, is one such Ambalama.

This ambalama, devoid of artistic value, is made of brick and mortar. The ambalama is square and the roof is supported on 4 large pillars. The side walls are short. The roof is made in the Kandy era Ambalama style with 8 rafters connected to a central wooden pin known as Madol Kurupawa. Generally a simple carved lotus flower is carved on Madol Kurupawas. However there is no such carving here. It seems that a clay pot has been used for the protection of Madol Kurupa, instead of the clay pinnacle found at the top of the roof of such roofs, a plain pot has been used instead. The roof is covered using Sinhala Clay Tiles.

This Ambalama is found below the ground level due to periodic elevation of the road during the reconstruction of the Biyagama-Kottunna road. This Ambalama is crumbling due to lack of proper maintenance.

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Traveling Directions to Biagama Kottunna Ambalama

From Kaduwela to Kottunna Ambalama
Via : Byagama – Kottunna Road
Total Distance : 2.5 KM
Travel Time : 5 Minutes
Time to spend : Around 10-15 Minutes
Driving Directions :  View on Google Map


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