Bulugahagoda Ambalama in Gampaha – ගම්පහ බුළුගහගොඩ අම්බලම

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Bulugahagoda is a small town between Ragama and Ganemulla in Gampaha District. The Bulugahagoda Ambalama is an way side rest believed to be built about 100 years ago. An Ambalama is a place constructed for pilgrims, traders and travelers to rest or spend the night in the ancient Sri Lanka. They were built by kings, regional rulers and nobles as a service to the common man.

Bulugahagoda Ambalama is a brick and mortar ambalama with four brick pillars hold the roof of the building supported by five wooden pillars. All the pillars are plain and carries no artwork. A half height (25 inch high) wall is built around the building with a short wooden door at the front. The structure is 13 feet wide and 11 feet long. The cement pillars are 14″x14″ in size.

Seats in the ambalama is made of cement along the sides except the side with the entrance. These seats are 16 inches wide. The roof is tiled with calicut clay tiles. This Ambalama lies near the Bulugahagoda railway station.

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Travel Directions to Bulugahagoda Ambalama

Route from Colombo to Bulugahagoda Ambalama
distance :32 km
Travel time : 1 hours
Time to Spent : 15 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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