Ethimale Wewa Reservoir in Monaragala District

Ancient Reservoirs of Ethimale, Kotiyagala and Panama

Wila Oya that commences its journey from the Helabada-Bowitiya mountain range in Moneragala joins the eastern sea at Panama in Ampara District. Wila Oya catchment gets its importance because its development history dates back to Dutugemunu era. Major irrigations schemes that are currently in operation in the Wila Oya catchment are Ethimale Wewa, Kotiyagala Wewa and Panama Wewa reservoirs.

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Padikema Waterhole and the Pathanangala Rock

Padikema Pathanangala Ruins in Yala National Park (යාල පඩිකෙම පතනන්ගල නටබුන්)

Above the rock water-hole called Padikema has on its sloping, upper western face an artificial arrangement of boulders and stone blocks, now much displaced, forming three sides of a rectangle, the fourth side being formed by the natural row of summit boulders beneath which were constructed, in pre-Christian times, several caves.

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Beragala Chandani Ella Waterfall - බෙරගල චාන්දනී ඇල්ල

Beragala Chandani Ella Waterfall (බෙරගල චාන්දනී ඇල්ල)

Chandani Ella is a small but beautiful waterfall lying in Bathgoda the Badulla District close to the Beragala town. Although this lies very close to Beragala, this is rather unknown little jewel as there is no proper road or path to waterfall. This is also not visible to the main routes and you need to travel on byroads to get a glimpse of the Chandani Ella Waterfall.

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Partially restored Malwessa Vehera stupa at Thimbiriya Rajamaha Viharaya

Thimbiriya Rajamaha Viharaya and Malwessa Vehera (තිඹිරිය රජමහා විහාරය හා මල්වැස්සා වෙහෙර)

Thimbiriya Rajamaha Viharaya temple is believed to been built by King Devanampiyatissa (250-210 BC). This temple was the nerve center of the 1818 Rebellion against British rule. After suppress­ing the rebellion, the British ruthlessly destroyed this 2000 year old temple including the Malwessa Stupa which was built by the King Dutugemunu. They then arres­ted all Buddhist monks in the temple and were executed in Jaffna.

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