Rukula Ambalama – රුකුලා අම්බලම

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Rukulgama is an ancient village on the old Raja Mawatha which connected the Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devalaya to the Gampola kingdom. Legends says that the King Parakramabau II who ruled from Dambadeniya Kingdom in the 13th century built the Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devalaya close by. Then he stationed the sister of his queen called Rukula along with necessarily staff people in a area nearby in order to carry out the duties of the devalaya.  This area was later became to known as Rukulagama. Ambalama at Rukulgama is said to belonging to this time built for travelers to the Devalaya.

The Rukula Ambalama is built with brick and mortar. 12 large columns carry the weight of the roof. The roof is tiled with semi cylindrical clay tiles (sinhala ulu).


The Ambalama has gone through a restoration in the year 2000. The below marker on the Google Map below points to a approximate area in Rukulagama  only.

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Map of Rukula Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Rukula Ambalama

Route from Colombo to Rukula Ambalama
distance : 100 km
Travel time : 3,5  hours
Time to Spent : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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