Ruins of Ancient Na Maluwa Buddhist Monastery in Lahugala – ලාහුගල නා මළුව ආරාම පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය

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Lahugala Na Maluwa ancient stupa
Lahugala Na Maluwa ancient stupa

The most well known Buddhist temple is Lahugala is the ancient Magul Maha Viharaya where the wedding ceremony of king Kawantissa and princess Vihara Maha Devi is believed to have taken place in the 3rd century BC. However this area had been a thriving Buddhist community thousands of year ago and ruins of ancient temple complexes are scattered all over the jungles, mostly still undiscovered or unexplored.

Na Maluwa (Namaluwa) archaeological site is one such location which has been hidden in time. The location lies close to Mahakalugolla on the banks of Heda Oya. To reach Na Maluwa, you need to travel 4.5 km from Siyambalanduwa towards Lahugala and turn right. You need to travel 5 km down this road passing chana’s and paddy fields to reach this rocky outcorp close to the Heda Oya.

The most important archaeological monument of at this site is the considerably large stupa partially cleared of debris some time ago. Close to this stupa lies a rocky outcrop with a number of drip ledge caves. A lone monk live in one of the caves meditating and protecting this forgotten heritage.

The site is scattered with a large number of rock and drip ledge inscriptions. At the top, remains of  a washed out stupa can be found. Another interesting artifact is a Kotta Gala, a bed caved in rock including a pillow.

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Map of  Ruins of Ancient Na Maluwa Buddhist Monastery

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Traveling Directions to Ruins of Ancient Na Maluwa Buddhist Monastery

Route from Siyambalanduwa to Ruins of Ancient Na Maluwa Buddhist Monastery

Through : Lahugala road
Time to spend – 1-2  hours
Distance : 9.5   km
Travel time : 20 mins
Driving directions : see on google map