Thotalagala Sumaithangi Stone in Haputale

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Sumaithangi Stone structures also written as (Sumaithaangi, Sumai Thangi, Sumai Thaangi) are called “Load Brearer Stones”. As the name implies these structures are meant for use by travellers carrying heavy loads of goods to load and unload the luggage without the help of another.

Sumaithangi is a concept popular in India among the Hindu culture and was imported to Sri Lanka with Indian migrations in the past. Therefore these are mostly found in madams in Jaffna and areas where Tamils live.

Thotalagala Sumaithangi Stone lies on Haputale-Dambetanna Road in the village of Thotalagala. The structure lies right next to the road thus difficult to miss. However, there is no protection to this stone structure and may be partially covered by overgrowth on the sides of the road. There is an inscription in Tamil on one leg of the structure.

To reach this site from Haputale town, travel 3.4 km on the Dambetanna Road to reach the site in Thotalagala.

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Map of Singimale Sumaithangi Stone in Hatton

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Driving Directions to Singimale Sumaithangi Stone in Hatton

From Hatton to Singimale Sumaithangi Stone in Hatton
Via : Hatton – Maskeliya – Dalhousie Rd (B149)
Total Distance : 3.7 km
Travel Time: 15-20 Minutes
Time to Spend: Around 10 Minutes
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