Kothmale Hedunuwewa Ambalama

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Located in the area of ​​Hedunuwewa Grama Niladhari of Kotmale Divisional Secretariat Division, Hedunuwewa Ambalama is located at a distance of about one kilometer on the Wethalawa road running towards the east from the Hedunuwewa junction.

There were five historically important Ambalams in Kotmale Divisional Secretariat Division. Historical Kotagepitiya Ambalama associated with Prince Dutugemunu’s arrival in Kotmale , Ambalama near Pihilla in Ranamure , Ambalama located in the middle of Kothmale’s Methagama paddy field, Hedunuwewa Ambalama and Kottunuguda Ambalama. However Kottunuguda Ambalama has been destroyed and cannot be seen today.

This Ambalama is built on a square stone platform made out of rectangular blocks of stone and the walls are raised to a sitting height and four pillars are raised at the four corners. The roof consists of 4 curved roofs. The roof is built with semi cylindrical clay tiles.

Hedunuwewa Ambalama has been a haven for commuters in the past due to the location of the Kosgolla Hanging bridge which lies across Kothmale Oya next to it. But this historically important Ambalama is close to crumbling without being noticed by authority. The surrounding walls and the floor is cracked.

The Ambalama was designated as an archaeological monument on 13 August 2013. Note that this location is marked as approximate on the Google map below.


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Driving Directions to Kothmale Hedunuwewa Ambalama

From Welimada to Kothmale Hadunuwewa Ambalama
Via : Hapugastalawa
Total Distance : 35 KM
Time : 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Driving Directions :  View on Google Map

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