Lakshapana Ella Falls – ලක්ෂපාන ඇල්ල

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Height :129 meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

The very popular 129m high Lakshapana Ella fall is thought to derive its name from the presence of iron ore (laksha) in the rocks over which the water flows.

The fall was said to house a labyrinth of tunnels, one of which still exists.

The Lakshapana Reservoir, where the fall is found, is used by power stations at New Lakshapana, Canyon and Polpitye Samanala resulting in a certain amount of water depletion. A number of villages including Lakshapana, Pathana, Kiriwaneliya, Muruthatenna, Kottalena, Hunugala and Belumgala surround the fall.

The fall is 660m above sea level in the Nuwara Eliya Ambagamuwa Korale at the Ginigathhena Divisional Secretariat. The most convenient route is the Hatton – Maskeliya road. Take this road for 18km from Hatton, where a footpath leads down past the Pathana village to the fall. Alternatively, take the Lakshapana road from the Kaluganga River junction for 14km to the Lakshapana Temple. The fall is just 2.5km from here.

It is possible to go the top of the lakshapana falls by taking a by road which lies about 500 meters away from the pont B ( towards maskeliya Road). Travel 2.3 km on this road and then you need to walk down for about 100 meters to reach to fall. This is a motorable road. This road can be seen on the google maps or the google earth travel companion.

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Map of Lakshapana Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Lakshapana Ella Falls

Route from Ginigathena (Avissawella – Hatton Road) to top of the Lakshapana falls

Route from Maskeliya to Lakshapana falls

Though : Nortonbrige
Distance : 14 km
Travel time : 30-45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Norton – Maskeliya Road
Distance : 15 km
Travel time : 30-45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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