Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama

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හඟුරන්කෙත උදළුමඩ  අම්බලම - Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama
හඟුරන්කෙත උදළුමඩ අම්බලම – Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama
Photo Source : Sampath Nanediri

The ancient restrooms located near the roads for the benefit of the travellers are called Ambalama. In ancient times, even the kings and ministers used lodge in these Ambalama’s while travelling.In the past, building an ambalama to alleviate the travel fatigue of travelers on foot and on the palanquins was considered a highly meritorious deed. The Buddhist approach in Sri Lanka further contributed to this. Therefore, Ambalams could be seen every two or three miles on public roads and even two or three Ambalams could be seen in many ancient villages. At the same time, this Ambalam became important as a gathering place for the people of the village.

Some of the ambalams were beautifully carved. They were often built under royal patronage or patronage of local aristocrats. So the size and the artwork of these ambalams varied based on the wealth of the people who sponsored.

This small Ambalama which belongs to the Kandyan period is located in Udalumada village in Hanguranketha. Farming is the main source of livelihood for the villagers here. Now days this Ambalama is used as a resting place by farmers.

The ambalama is square in shape and is built near a stream of cool water stream under a large shade. The roof rests on four pillars made of blocks of granite. The short wall around the four sides have been designed to be seated.

Note that the Google Map below shows only the Udalumada area.

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Hanguranketha Udalumada Ambalama Driving Directions

Udalumada Ambalama from Kandy
Through: Ampitiya – Hanguranketha – Rikillagaskada
Total distance: 39 km
Time to travel: 1.15 hrs
Time to spend : 15 minutes
Driving directions:  See Google Map

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