Mandaramnuwara Upper Elamulla Ella Waterfall (මන්දාරම්නුවර උඩ එළමුල්ල ඇල්ල)

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Height :~20 meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

Manadaramnuwara is a small village hidden in the shades of Piduruthalagala Mountain range on the northern side of the mountain. The town is also known colloquially as the ‘Misty City’ as it is shadowed by the adjoining mountain ranges and is shrouded in mist for the majority of the day.

The town is surrounded by mountain ranges such as Piduruthalagala, Gonapitiya, Udgabbala and Kabaragala thus it receives only few hours of direct sunlight for a day.

Mandaramnuwara first appears in the written histoty during the period of Kandyan kingdom. However forklore carries this area to the times of king Ravana, over 4500 years back in to the history. It is believed that due the natural barriers surrounding this area, it has been a fort of king Ravana. Even today, a spherical unusual rock found scattered in this area are carefully collected by the villagers and used as a medicine for stomach problems. The rock is made of small parts resembling cooked rice is called “Ravana Guli” is said to be balls of rice thrown off the  Dandumonara flying machine (Vimana) which had turned in to stone.

Another legend states  a prince called Malsara used to live here and it was called the Malsaranuwara which later became Mandaramnuwara.

This undocumented Upper Elamulla Ella waterfall lies in Mandaramnuwara which can be reached from Padiyapelella, the road dotted with number of waterfalls. The fall is hidden from any access road and can be reached Elamulla Mini Hydro Power station and hiking up. The waterfall flows over an rock slope of about 45 degrees. Vertical height of this waterfall is about 20 meters.

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Travel Directions to Mandaramnuwara Upper Ethiniwala Ella Waterfall

Route from Kandy to Mandaramnuwara Upper Ethiniwala Ella waterfallRoute from Nuwara Eliya to Mandaramnuwara Upper Ethiniwala Ella waterfall
Through : Hanguranketha – Rikillagaskada
Distance : 51 km
Travel time : 1.45 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Kandapola – Sooriyakanda
Distance : 43 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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