Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya at Ahungalla – අහුන්ගල්ල ගල්වෙහෙර මළුව විහාරය

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Ancient Bodhigaraya at Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya
Ancient Bodhigaraya at Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya
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Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Temple is an recently renovated abandoned temple in the Galviharaya Area of Ahungalla. After hundreds of years of neglect, the residents have cleared the area and re-established the temple.

When King Mahanaga was ruling the Ruhuna region round 3rd century BC, the Maduganga has been called Weliganga ( Sandy River) and the area where the river falls to sea has been called Welithota. Bodhiwansa and number of other ancient texts states that the king Gotabhaya, the third Ruhuna Ruler after king Mahanaga, built a temple at Welithota near the Weliganga called Waluka Thitta Viharaya which is believed to be this temple. This temple has also being called Embalawa Rahath Gal Vehera.

During the reign of king Parakrambahu II (13th century) of Dambadeniya Kingdom ( 1220–1354), Ruhuna was under the control of  a powerful minister called Devapathiraja. It is said that he built a granite stupa at this temple and this area was called Galvehera due to this reason.

Almost after 50 years of appeals to the Archeological Department to carry out an methodical study of these ruins, a Buddhist donor has taken up the matter and developed the temple from his private funds. He has also diverted his private funds toward the archeology department in order the carry out a proper archeological study of this temple.

It is said that a large number of pillars, blocks of rock, toilet covers and foundations, all made or carved out of stone  litter the private properties surrounding the temple which are probably remains of  Buddhist buildings  of a large temple complex in the ancient past.

The highlight of this temple complex is the recently discovered ancient Bodhigara ( Bo-Tree house) made out of granite which has been restored to some level. This Bo Tree House has been built with openings on 3 side for worshiping.

It is believed this Bodhigara goes back to the days of King Devanampiyatissa (250-210 BC) where he is said to planted the last of the of the 32 samplings (Dethispala Bodhi)  from the Sri Maha Bodhi in this area.

The excavations have also discovered an 300 year old temple, parts of an ancient limestone buddha statue, ancient coins, nails etc.

Alternate names : Galwehera Maluwa, Gal Vehera Maluwa, Gal Wehera Maluwa

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Map of the Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya

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Driving Directions to Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya

The exact location of the temple is not known. The route below directs you to Galvehera Village in Ahungalla

Route from Colombo to Ahungalla Galvehera Maluwa Viharaya

Though : Moratuwa – Panadura – Kalutara
Distance : 77 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours (without traffic)
Driving directions : see on google map

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