Erabadugaswewa Buddhist Ruins – එරබදුගස්වැව නටබුන්

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Natures creations on the way to Erabadugaswewa Ruins
Natures creations on the way to Erabadugaswewa Ruins

Traveling along the Puttlam Anuradhapura road passing Tabbowa Wewa and 3 more kilometers along this route, you will come across a road to right. Take this road for a kilometer to reach these forgotten ruins. This road runs across the ancient holy ground bi-secting the area. The ruins lies along the road on both sides. But these ruins has never being methodically studied and is covered with shrub jungle and is barely visible.

3 rock pillars and part of a retaining brick wall can be seen near the road. There are ruins of a ancient Stupa dug and destroyed by treasure hunters east to these ruins. The remains of this stupa is about 6-7 feet high. Towards north east to this stupa, remain of a larger stupa which has faced the same fate can be seen. Broken up pieces of granite flower alters, parts of massive 2 feet wide rock pillars and other carved pieces of rock can be found spread around this stupa indicating a large Aramaic complex in the region.


More ruins can be found on the right side of the road. Remains of a stupa or building with the center excavated to 2-3 feet depth can be found inside the shrubs. The bottom is found to be covered in a type of reddish pebbles which is not found in this region.  A little away in to the jungle is a another stupa restored by the archeology department some time ago. The stupa lies on the pedestal and a large number of ruins around this stupa can also be seen.

Number of semi circular  stone slabs are scattered around this stupa without any indication what these have been used to.  Whether they constituted part of the Stupa or a different building cannot be judged. Some of the stones have the inside smoothed and some outside indicating that these rocks have been used for multiple purposes or the same material has been re-used for multiple purposes during different periods.

This area is also scattered with foundation stones, bricks and tiles indicating more buildings which existed around this Stupa.

No formal archaeological study has been done on this site so far. The bricks on this site is said to be similar to what is found in Anuradhapura ruins.  It is also only 25km to Thonigala (Tonigala) , 25 km to Wilandagoda and 60 km to Anuradhapura. Therefore it could be assumed that these ruins belong to the Anuradhapura Era.

primary source : ඉපැරණි නටබුන් එරබදුගස්වැව කියයි නෑකම් අනුරපුර යුගයට
ඊ.ජී. නන්දන පද්මකුමාර
බී.ඒ. පුරාවිද්‍යා

Update ( December 2015)

To reach the ruins of Erabadugaswewa, you need to travel 2.2 km from the Karuwalagaswewa junction towards Anuradhapura. A standard archaeology department board  which only half remains lies at the turn off to the ruins. Turn right and take this gravel road for 1.7 km to reach the ruined site. This area belongs to Tabbowa Wildlife sanctuary.  What you can see today is only few granite pillars close to the gravel road. The ruins once cleared has been encroached by the thick jungle once again and with fresh elephant dung all around, I wasn’t ready to trek in to the forest in search of the balance ruins.

Going pass the ruins for another 1 km or so you will come across a jungle hideout called Tabbowa Eco Village.

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Map of the Ruins at Erabadugaswewa

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Driving Directions to Ruins at Erabadugaswewa

The exact location of the temple is not known. The route below directs you to he approximate area.

Route from Colombo to Ruins at Erabadugaswewa

Though : Negombo – Puttlam
Distance : 155 km
Travel time : 3 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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